Child Sponsorship

Education is a human right, a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. It delivers large, consistent returns in terms of income and is the most important factor to ensure equality of opportunities.

This program offers an opportunity for children to go to school. The Organization makes deliberate efforts to ensure that children are given a chance to acquire education at different levels. Our objective is to enhance the capacity of children to realize their dreams in life.

Life-skills development

This program is built on the conviction that all people are naturally gifted with unique talents and skills which have to be nurtured and developed. We support and complement efforts of organizations around the world that invest in life-skills development for children, youth and women to develop hands on experiences that build confidence and competitiveness in global markets and the employment world. We promote talents and skills in areas of music, art, crafts, tailoring, carpentry, sports etc to help struggling communities realize their dreams.

Business Training and Startups

As we pursue several initiatives to boost and promote sustainability within communities, WBD has developed a program to promote social enterprises in various communities in the global south. The program extends training and seed capital to groups that are ready to start off with their enterprises.

Micro financing models

Access to affordable finance is still a major hindrance to implementation of business ideas in the marginal communities. Young people around the world often find enormous challenges to access credit facilities especially due to their lack of security to get loans from traditional finance institutions. WBD has established a Bridge Entrepreneurship Fund to extend affordable finance to young people around the world. This fund shall be co-managed by beneficiary communities with subscriptions from all those interested in benefiting from it.